Microsoft Praise Consistency Sony Playstation 4

Competition is something that can never be avoided from any business, including the gaming industry. With so many publishers and developers who became the foundation of the industry, in common themes of the products are a common sight that often occur. Not only in the software, but also hardware. After competing in two previous generations, both Sony and Microsoft take countless unique policy on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The same architecture with hardware capabilities are not much different to make games exclusive and unique features offered both as a major selling point. The performance shown by Sony and Playstation 4 in particular, was not only attractive in the eyes of gamers, but also the main competitor – get roblox cheats onĀ  robloxhack2017

Compliments were raised by the VP of Microsoft Game Studios itself – Phil Spencer. In his latest interview with OXM, Spencer openly praised Sony who he thought – has done an excellent job with the Playstation 4, mainly through a variety of policies towards the mainstay of their developers. Spencer praised the consistency Sony to continue to support such an exclusive developer Quantic Dreams that gave birth to the genre unpopular game like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Although games like this are not promising sales in massive numbers, Sony would not relinquish any support at all. Long-term commitment to this franchise that according to Spencer, is also becoming a major force latest console – Roblox.
Phil Spencer of Microsoft openly praised the consistency of Sony’s exclusive developer support them, although the games first party obtained are not promising sales in massive numbers. The sale value is also said, made the Playstation 4 looks attractive.

Spencer’s theory is indeed not unreasonable. When Microsoft and Xbox 360 began flagging in 2013, Sony Playstation 3 actually managed to make more mature through a myriad of exceptional exclusive game, regardless of the potential for success is still unclear. Hopefully Sony continue this policy, and of course Microsoft’s push to begin withdrawing the same thing.

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