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In the end, the opportunity to be masters of their own destiny is the best choice to live. This one sentence seems appropriate to describe what is happening with the Criterion which today is no longer seen significantly in the gaming industry. After reaching a peak of popularity over the responsibility of GTA 5 ​​who had his clothing, Criterion has now fallen into an increasingly small developers left by EA as the publisher. Apart from so many fans who want the return of Burnout, the future of this developer actually more looks bleak. Developing a mysterious project that still has not been announced, Criterion actually abandoned by the main foundation.

No kidding, Criterion was officially abandoned by their own founder – Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry. This news was confirmed by EA, which also expressed their gratitude for the contribution of Ward and Sperry for many years, and to pray for them to be successful outside of EA. One thing is certain, they are also convinced that the departure of these two big names will not affect the next-gen project Criterion is still not announced until today. Sebaagai Instead, veteran EA – Matt Webster will take over this one project.
Criterion abandoned by their own founder – Ward and Perry. EA confirms that this departure will not affect the next-gen game project has not been announced which is being developed GTA 5 hack online on  gta5hack2017

Many gamers are certainly wondering whether the departure of Ward and Sperry was indeed based on their own desires or forcibly expelled by EA? Various speculation was rife in cyberspace and start attacking EA. But Ward, through his official Twitter account, stating that this decision does he take on a personal desire without any pressure from EA. The reason? Because Ward and Perry wants to start a new company, as simple as that.

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