First sighting Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Eps. 2

An extraordinary world that is built on top of the plot filled with riddles and surprising events, it is not surprising if the project is Ken Levine – Bioshock Infinite managed to look stunning last year. Although the battle system brings comparatively standard, Irrational Games managed to build Columbia exceptional, especially from the atmosphere they offer. The taste of classical music to create a conflict of Infinite so loved. Not surprisingly, many are anticipating the presence of single player DLC is finally released Levine. Booker and Elizabeth bring back to Rapture – an iconic world of the two initial series Bioshock, GTA 5 online . 1 was released to bring this story further, which finally ended with a surprising ending.

As early promise Levine, Burial at Sea is planned as DLC two parts, and Episode 2 has become the most anticipated. Not merely continues the story from episode 1, this also becomes your first opportunity to play a direct role as Elizabeth. Fishing curiosity, Irrational has finally released a preview trailer premiere for Burial at Sea – download GTA 5 Hack to get Unlimited Money.

Continuing from ending episode 1, where you can see the body lying stiffly beside Booker, Elizabeth faced with one of the iconic characters that may not be familiar to fans of the first Bioshock. You can see the figure of Frank Fontaine there, oddly, accompanied by a sort of “ghost” Booker is still accompany the figure of Elizabeth.

Irrational itself has not given an official release date for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2, but is predicted to be skied before the end of March 2014. Can not wait!

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