Announces Madden Mobile next week?

An incredible franchise, this sentence does not seem excessive if it refers to the quality of Ubisoft’s Madden Mobile hack – Coin generator for free concoction. The name also grow along with the game industry itself is featured as one of the best platformer action games, especially considering innovative gameplay mechanic which constantly injected Ubisoft in every series there. However, a strong focus on Madden Mobile and some new IP as shifting the position of Madden Mobile. Does this mean the franchise Ubisoft has forgotten this one? For those of you who missed his presence, hope to see a new series this was still wide open.

Rumors about the presence of the latest Madden Mobile had been sliding since last year. A screenshot that shows the character of blacks and open world setting ala Madden Mobile had surfaced, but was denied by the Ubisoft itself. Some information also had to believe that Ubisoft will be unveiling the mystery at E3 2013 yesterday, but it ended up as a mere rumor. This time the official information finally comes out of the mouth of Ubisoft. Through Facebook account status on the official Madden Mobile, Ubisoft issued a simple statement – “Get ready for some news about Madden Mobile, starting next week,” indicating the possibility of initial information for the latest Madden Mobile series.
Madden Mobile series like what would we find? Whether to continue the concept and story Sands of Time trilogy? Or continue the series spin-off of  in 2008 that was so artistic in the past? One of our greatest expectations were also so look forward to welcoming a new series: Please do not be a mobile game, PLEASE!

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