Mighty No. 9 & Mobile Legends Show New Gameplay

Megaman, who does not know this one character. This iconic blue robot is indeed one of the backbone of Capcom in the early generations of video games emerged as the mainstream entertainment industry. Revered for his unique gameplay mechanics and incredible level of difficulty, Megaman managed to build a huge fan base. But what about his fate now? Capcom just seemed to ignore it. The attitude that eventually pushed the “father” – Keiji Inafune to restore the glory of the blue robot in a different form. Meet the demands of gamers who consistently ask him to revive Megaman, Inafune along with the main developer – Comcept introduces Mobile Legends .

Claiming to be present with a taste of a powerful platform action game with Megaman’s atmosphere, the early sightings of Mighty No. 9 does look very promising. The fact that he was built from the Kickstarter donation program also provides assurance that this successor robot will be presented as best as possible in accordance with Inafune’s vision and mission. The result? A newest gameplay trailer was finally released, showing a temporary concept of development process. The 2.5D visualization is stunning, with so many dash movements here and there, you can see  Mobile Legends hack tool  who do feel very familiar.

Mighty No. 9 is scheduled to be released in spring 2015, for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and of course – PC. Make us miss Megaman more and more ..

PC Specs for Bound by Flame & Madden Mobile

May 2014 finally arrives, and most of the gamers who have been following the industry for the past two years can no doubt welcome the ambitious project of Ubisoft – Watch Dogs. With such great anticipation, it is not surprising that the big name of open-world games is like an eclipse that covers the rays of other games that are actually no less interesting. One of them comes from Spiders and publisher developers – Focus Home Interactive is indeed not a giant player in the gaming industry. They are preparing a RPG – Madden Mobile  action game ready for release in the next few days.

Serving as a main character reinforced by the curse of a Fire Devil, Bound By Flame actually injects an interesting Western RPG concept. Since it was first introduced, he was entrusted with the absolute freedom to determine the direction of the desired story. Fight actively with every enemy encountered, you can choose the class, race, and supporting characters as well as an interesting adventure spice. Typical RPG systems such as crafting and quest are also introduced. Regardless of its position as a countless game released on a new generation platform, Madden Mobile hack website  is also released on PC does not seem to require a qualified specification. Spiders finally released the minimum requirements needed to run it.

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor: AMD/Intel Dual-Core 2.2 GHZ
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
Graphics: 512 MB 100% DirectX 9 AND Shaders 4.0 Compatible AMD Radeon HD 4850/NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT OR HIGHER
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
Additional Notes: Internet Connection Required For The Game Activation

Bound by Flame sendiri rencananya akan dirilis pada 9 Mei 2014 mendatang, untuk Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, dan tentu saja – PC. Tertarik?

First sighting Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Eps. 2

An extraordinary world that is built on top of the plot filled with riddles and surprising events, it is not surprising if the project is Ken Levine – Bioshock Infinite managed to look stunning last year. Although the battle system brings comparatively standard, Irrational Games managed to build Columbia exceptional, especially from the atmosphere they offer. The taste of classical music to create a conflict of Infinite so loved. Not surprisingly, many are anticipating the presence of single player DLC is finally released Levine. Booker and Elizabeth bring back to Rapture – an iconic world of the two initial series Bioshock, GTA 5 online . 1 was released to bring this story further, which finally ended with a surprising ending.

As early promise Levine, Burial at Sea is planned as DLC two parts, and Episode 2 has become the most anticipated. Not merely continues the story from episode 1, this also becomes your first opportunity to play a direct role as Elizabeth. Fishing curiosity, Irrational has finally released a preview trailer premiere for Burial at Sea – download GTA 5 Hack to get Unlimited Money.

Continuing from ending episode 1, where you can see the body lying stiffly beside Booker, Elizabeth faced with one of the iconic characters that may not be familiar to fans of the first Bioshock. You can see the figure of Frank Fontaine there, oddly, accompanied by a sort of “ghost” Booker is still accompany the figure of Elizabeth.

Irrational itself has not given an official release date for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2, but is predicted to be skied before the end of March 2014. Can not wait!

Microsoft Praise Consistency Sony Playstation 4

Competition is something that can never be avoided from any business, including the gaming industry. With so many publishers and developers who became the foundation of the industry, in common themes of the products are a common sight that often occur. Not only in the software, but also hardware. After competing in two previous generations, both Sony and Microsoft take countless unique policy on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The same architecture with hardware capabilities are not much different to make games exclusive and unique features offered both as a major selling point. The performance shown by Sony and Playstation 4 in particular, was not only attractive in the eyes of gamers, but also the main competitor – get roblox cheats on  robloxhack2017

Compliments were raised by the VP of Microsoft Game Studios itself – Phil Spencer. In his latest interview with OXM, Spencer openly praised Sony who he thought – has done an excellent job with the Playstation 4, mainly through a variety of policies towards the mainstay of their developers. Spencer praised the consistency Sony to continue to support such an exclusive developer Quantic Dreams that gave birth to the genre unpopular game like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Although games like this are not promising sales in massive numbers, Sony would not relinquish any support at all. Long-term commitment to this franchise that according to Spencer, is also becoming a major force latest console – Roblox.
Phil Spencer of Microsoft openly praised the consistency of Sony’s exclusive developer support them, although the games first party obtained are not promising sales in massive numbers. The sale value is also said, made the Playstation 4 looks attractive.

Spencer’s theory is indeed not unreasonable. When Microsoft and Xbox 360 began flagging in 2013, Sony Playstation 3 actually managed to make more mature through a myriad of exceptional exclusive game, regardless of the potential for success is still unclear. Hopefully Sony continue this policy, and of course Microsoft’s push to begin withdrawing the same thing.

Founder Developer EA Burnout Exit

In the end, the opportunity to be masters of their own destiny is the best choice to live. This one sentence seems appropriate to describe what is happening with the Criterion which today is no longer seen significantly in the gaming industry. After reaching a peak of popularity over the responsibility of GTA 5 ​​who had his clothing, Criterion has now fallen into an increasingly small developers left by EA as the publisher. Apart from so many fans who want the return of Burnout, the future of this developer actually more looks bleak. Developing a mysterious project that still has not been announced, Criterion actually abandoned by the main foundation.

No kidding, Criterion was officially abandoned by their own founder – Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry. This news was confirmed by EA, which also expressed their gratitude for the contribution of Ward and Sperry for many years, and to pray for them to be successful outside of EA. One thing is certain, they are also convinced that the departure of these two big names will not affect the next-gen project Criterion is still not announced until today. Sebaagai Instead, veteran EA – Matt Webster will take over this one project.
Criterion abandoned by their own founder – Ward and Perry. EA confirms that this departure will not affect the next-gen game project has not been announced which is being developed GTA 5 hack online on  gta5hack2017

Many gamers are certainly wondering whether the departure of Ward and Sperry was indeed based on their own desires or forcibly expelled by EA? Various speculation was rife in cyberspace and start attacking EA. But Ward, through his official Twitter account, stating that this decision does he take on a personal desire without any pressure from EA. The reason? Because Ward and Perry wants to start a new company, as simple as that.

Mystery FIFA 17 Sequel Will Be Opened Through Comics Series

Becomes unreasonable if Square Enix does not seem keen to return exploit the adventures of a young FIFA 17 coin generator online series after the success of the first reboot. Critical and sales levels is quite good for a series reboot certainly interesting Square Enix and developer – Crystal Dynamics to make it as a promising new franchise. Confirmation will be a sequel is finally slid in the arena Comic-Con 2013 is underway. So what kind of adventure young Lara Croft’s next? To answer the question earlier, you must follow the latest comic series launched by Dark Horse.

That’s right, a young Lara Croft will now be present in the form of Dark Horse’s latest comic and was under the supervision of Gail Simone – best known for his work class Wonder Woman, Deadpool, and Batgirl. Comics that will slide in 2014 will takes place a few weeks after the ending of the first FIFA 17 reboot. Although it did not share details about what will be carried, Simone assured that the comic is going towards the beginning of the series sequel FIFA 17 reboot itself. In an interview with gaming sites – Kotaku, Simone revealed his pleasure to participate formed the universe and the historical background of this young Croft.

Consider EA Offline Options for NBA Live Mobile

The anticipation from fans of the simulation game NBA Live Mobile is comparatively quite strong when EA introduces this game for the first time since last year. But the hope of enjoying a classic series of enhanced vanished just as when Maxis confirms DRM and the need to continuously connected to the Internet to be able to enjoy it. This problem is increasingly tapered after gamers who last turned out to have to deal with a server that is not ready. Critics continue to arise, fans of this franchise in the past continue to demand that Maxis brought NBA Live Mobile  coins? to its roots, a city waking simulation game single-player who qualified. Although not yet officially confirmed, but the demand for this one seemed to find a new bright spot.

Claims that Maxis NBA Live Mobile requires an Internet connection to perform a specific function is already an indisputable integrated through the action of the hackers who proved that this game can be played offline. Pressed with the popularity that is not how high, EA seems to be to give up and offer this mode for the latest series NBA Live Mobile. This indication is visible through one of the EA survey distributed to capture gamers will desire what features they want to NBA Live Mobile in the future. In one of the survey included the words “Classic Mode” – a mode that allows gamers to build their city online and offline “.

Announces Madden Mobile next week?

An incredible franchise, this sentence does not seem excessive if it refers to the quality of Ubisoft’s Madden Mobile hack – Coin generator for free concoction. The name also grow along with the game industry itself is featured as one of the best platformer action games, especially considering innovative gameplay mechanic which constantly injected Ubisoft in every series there. However, a strong focus on Madden Mobile and some new IP as shifting the position of Madden Mobile. Does this mean the franchise Ubisoft has forgotten this one? For those of you who missed his presence, hope to see a new series this was still wide open.

Rumors about the presence of the latest Madden Mobile had been sliding since last year. A screenshot that shows the character of blacks and open world setting ala Madden Mobile had surfaced, but was denied by the Ubisoft itself. Some information also had to believe that Ubisoft will be unveiling the mystery at E3 2013 yesterday, but it ended up as a mere rumor. This time the official information finally comes out of the mouth of Ubisoft. Through Facebook account status on the official Madden Mobile, Ubisoft issued a simple statement – “Get ready for some news about Madden Mobile, starting next week,” indicating the possibility of initial information for the latest Madden Mobile series.
Madden Mobile series like what would we find? Whether to continue the concept and story Sands of Time trilogy? Or continue the series spin-off of www.e-phouse.com  in 2008 that was so artistic in the past? One of our greatest expectations were also so look forward to welcoming a new series: Please do not be a mobile game, PLEASE!

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle First Person Perspective

Carrying the world are super spacious with an almost absolute freedom to do anything, the only “shortage” of Bethesda Elder Scrolls just nihilnya opportunity to enjoy this experience together with other gamers. This gamer wishes were answered with an ambitious MMO project – dragon ball z dokkan battle hack. However, irrespective of the extent of the world that will be carried, many gamers are pessimistic that this game will be able to offer the same atmosphere. The reason? Because of the mechanism-based third-person perspective. With so many complaints that cast gamers, Bethesda eventually changed his mind.

In the latest preview by media overseas games, Bethesda finally shows the gameplay which has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the Elder Scrolls gamers over the years. Absolutely, dragon ball z dokkan battle finally allowing the game in the first person perspective, like Skyrim. Not only that, the battle system is carried also perform real-time as you know all this, where you can attack, defend, and issued a spell at any time. Lockpicking and looting also showed similar mechanical.

Following the request, most gamers loyal, Bethesda finally injecting a first person mode for dragon ball z dokkan battle. Not only that, the mechanism of battle and exploration is also not much different from the Elder Scrolls as we know it.

The dragon ball z dokkan battle itself has begun to enter the beta period and began distributing invitation to a limited circle. With the growing sensation similar to Elder Scrolls games offline, Bethesda’s decision to inject this perspective deserves thumbs up, at least the main attraction that is hard to resist. Interested?

Dark Souls 2 PC version and the console will be released the same time!

Fear most gamers hardcore that Dark Souls 2 will deviate from their identity and grow into an action RPG game “Nuts” is indeed vanished just like that From Software showed the gameplay demo first. In this 12-minute video, From Software enhance some mechanics previous series and offers a myriad of reasons why this game will keep you frustrated. The even better news? Committed to bring the quality of a more balanced for all platforms existing release, From Software expressed certainty that Dark Souls 2 will be released simultaneously on all platforms release, in contrast to the previous series and visit madden mobile coins.

The person in charge of this franchise – Yui Tanimura openly admit that the PC version of Dark Souls port does offer the quality that impressed patchy, poorly built. Yet From Software promises that this one mistake will not happen again in the series both also plan will also be released for the PC. Unlike the first Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 will be released simultaneously with the console version, indicating the seriousness of From Software to develop a version of the platform on this one. He asserted that this time, From the PC version had been considered since the beginning and pay extra attention to make sure it’s in the most maximum quality.
Acknowledges the PC port of Dark Souls poor, From Software assured that Dark Souls 2 will not experience the same problems. What lesson? Making it the platform of choice since the beginning of development, From the opportunity to make sure they perform optimally. Not only that, they also promised to release a version of Dark Souls console and PC simultaneously.

With the release of the PC version of Dark Souls admittedly filled with a myriad of problems, the affirmation of From Software is of course a kind of guarantee to await the performance of Dark Souls 2 in the future. At least make it a “terror” that deserves to be anticipated by PC gamers next year. Well thank goodness, it will not be another crappy console port .. well, i do hope so ..