Laws of Depravity Film (2012)

The brutal murders of New York clergy terrorize the entire city and even its most seasoned cops.
A brilliant and relentless serial killer is systematically torturing and butchering religious leaders of various denominations. It is up to Detectives Quincy Cavanaugh, Phee Freeman and FBI Agent Janet Maclin to stop a 30-year, cross-country murder spree. But before they can, they will each have to confront and conquer their own depravity which threatens to destroy them as readily as the monster they are chasing.

Praise for Laws of Depravity

“Laws of Depravity will take you on a heart-pounding ride of vengeance, murder and atonement, never letting you rest until you’ve reached the final page…Drawing on his talent as an acclaimed actor and director, Mr. La Salle digs deep into his characters’ psyches, delivering a group of bruised and tarnished individuals you won’t soon forget.”

– Neal Baer— Co-author of “Kill Switch” and former Executive Producer of Law and Order S.V.U.

“Actor and Director Eriq La Salle’s intense debut is a modern day parable cleverly masquerading as a crime novel. A muscular, gritty, and spiritual thriller”.

-John Shors,bestselling author of Beneath a Marble Sky, Beside a Burning Sea, Dragon House, The Wishing Trees, and Cross Currents

“Eriq La Salle, in LAWS OF DEPRAVITY, has written an utterly compelling and riveting thriller with echoes of the dark master, Thomas Harris. Here, La Salle also adds a surprising twist by weaving in a spiritual component that raises the narrative to lofty and thought-provoking levels. It’s a wonderful accomplishment.”

— Leonard Chang, Author of Over the Shoulder and Crossings